A New Approach  To Pricing, Selling, and Closing

Book More Weddings With These Tips
by Josh Fowler

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What will you learn from this presentation:
  • Sales methods, techniques, and a new approach
  • The psychology of why people buy
  • Why you should have a pitch and the importance of having an “elevator” pitch
  • Impulse factors – what they are, why they matter, and why you need to understand them and use them
  • Pricing and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Closing “secrets” and common mistakes
  • How a good pricing guide and email script does a lot of the work for you
  • Basic money management, and why good money management will bring you sales, and bad money management will leave you poor
  • Personal development levels, and why it’s important to understand YOU, and how YOU work – what to do when you’re in a slump, and how to approach new tasks

Josh Fowler is a full-time wedding and commercial filmmaker who, along with his wife Susan, daughter Hazel and son Zane, reside in Hampton, VA. Together Josh and his wife Susan own Fowler Studios which she founded in 2010 doing only photography. In 2012, Fowler Studios added videography to its services in a very interesting way.

After a long day at work, Josh came home to tell his wife “I booked a wedding.” Because Josh wasn’t an active part of the business at that time, Susan wondered HOW or WHY he booked a wedding, considering he didn’t even take many photos. To her surprise, it wasn’t for photography, it was for video – a service they had never offered.

To clear up Susan’s justified confusion, Josh explained to her that a bride they attended church with knew that Josh had a background in videography. She asked if he would record the service on an iPhone and make a short highlight film. Josh agreed, and they booked their first wedding film. After discussing the situation, Josh and Susan came to the realization that an iPhone would be inadequate for a quality wedding film. They needed a new DSLR anyway so they purchased one with video capabilities and dove headfirst into the craft of wedding filmmaking. The rest, as they say, is history.

Susan and Josh left their full-time jobs to work as Fowler Studios in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Today, Fowler Studios offers commercial and wedding photography and cinematography. Josh and his wife make a comfortable living doing only photography and videography, a feat they largely are able to attribute to their background in sales and their rigorous commitment to smart money management. When he’s not shooting or editing, Josh enjoys playing music, biking with his family, and collecting (and drinking) bourbon.