The NPVA is now accepting your best work to be entered in this year’s VISTA Awards!

There are a few rules you should know about:
You must be a member of the NPVA in good standing to submit films. Click here to renew your membership or join the NPVA.
– All submitted films must be MP4s and should be no larger than 5GB file size.
– There are five categories: Wedding – Complete, Wedding-Highlights, Corporate, Other & Misc, and films from Production Houses with 5 or more employees.┬áSelect the category you are entering from the drop-down menu on the form.
– The submissions limit is three (3) films in any category. Your first submission is free; all others $25 each. Example: you are submitting 3 films in three categories. Your first one is free, the other two are $25 each.
– The deadline for entries is April 24, 2017.
– The fee is payable through our PayPal link, which also accepts major credit cards.

Get to work editing and then CLICK HERE to start uploading those films to the VISTA judges!

Please note – depending on your ISP, file uploads may take a long time. Check your upload speed by visiting A file upload time calculator is here.